Daweda Exchange Broker Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $100
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return 100%

Daweda Exchange is closed. Try trading with IQoption instead.

Daweda Exchange burst on the market with a powerful slogan – “Trade Different, Trade Fair” – and drew attention from traders immediately.

This CySEC regulated broker (license number 289/16) appeared only recently on the binary options market but they have plenty to offer to traders around the world who are looking to have both positive and profitable experience while trading.

The obtained regulatory status also enables more trust for Daweda Exchange since traders know that this broker is under obligation to follow rules of this regulatory agency.

For this reason, we have gathered the essential info for our Daweda Exchange broker review so as to give a realistic overview to potential traders.

The Cypriot Companies Law is the registered name of Daweda Exchange broker with their corporate address being on Cyprus. Daweda Exchange does not accept traders from the USA.

Daweda Exchange Trading Platform and Features

In our Daweda Exchange broker review, we have first taken a look at the minimum deposit required to initiate the trading process and theirs is set at $100, a lower amount from the most common $250.

In order to actually start trading, the minimum investment for a trade is $10, while the maximum investment for a single trade is actually unlimited with this broker.

With Daweda Exchange, traders have a possibility to achieve up to 100% maximum returns which is truly impressive.

As concerning their trading platform, they have their own proprietary one instead of opting to use some of the standard versions available on the market. That means that the software is basically designed in such a way as to correspond to specific demands from a broker.

Their platform is not only proprietary but it also offers one other particularity  – the opportunity to simply cut out the broker as the middleman and basically sell/buy options right from other traders thus providing more freedom!

Visually speaking, Daweda Exchange platform uses white and dark-blue as primary colours which are business-like and pleasant which certainly contributes to the overall appeal. From the structural point of view, the platform is well-organized and all important tabs with relevant information which traders will find both interesting and important are located at the top of their site.

High/Low option is available for trading with these expiry times: End of Day, 30 min and 5 min. Available currencies are: USD, RUB, EUR and GBP.

One of the hallmarks of reliable and quality binary options brokers can also be observed by additional trading tools and features offered to traders.

With Daweda Exchange, traders have the chance to use demo account which can prove to be not only a useful trading feature but a great overall ally in gaining much needed confidence and experience. Especially with new traders which generally lack in both those areas.

According to our Daweda Exchange broker review, in order to start using their demo account, global traders simply have to provide basic personal info. The greatest benefit of using the available demo is the fact that newbie Daweda Exchange traders get to experience the trading process but without the nagging worry of potential loss of funds.

The demo account is funded with virtual money so there is no fear of losing funds and traders’ attention is aimed solely at learning. Additionally, traders also become familiar with the trading platform.

Another benefit global traders can easily use in order to optimise their binary options trading, is to download the mobile app and use it for trading.

It is both handy and time-saving since traders can trade independently of their current location as well as follow what is happening on the market. Financial markets are notorious when it comes to swift changes so it’s great to be in a position to constantly monitor the circumstances. After all, the profit is made by quickly adjusting to the situation and seizing the presented opportunity.

Aside from trading, what traders can also see with the mobile trading app are also the past trades they made which can be very useful. Both Google Play and App Store are available sources for download.

Since the latest boom in the binary options industry is the automated binary trading, with Daweda Exchange traders can also use their ATS (Automated Trading System) robot. Lastly, our Daweda Exchange broker review also revealed their platform supports English, French, German, Russian and Arabic.

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange Customer Support Service

The quality of customer support service is one of those integral parts which constitutes a good, reliable broker and in our Daweda Exchange broker review we were able to confirm that this broker offers professional support for their traders.

Simple and easy-to-use web form, as well as email ([email protected]) are means open to communication to traders in case of any issues or further clarifications.

They have recently also introduced a live chat option which is great news for traders worldwide as this is the quickest way to communicate with the broker.

On the other hand, what traders get with Daweda Exchange are very detailed educational materials.

There is also an FAQ section accompanied by additional instruction on How to Trade which contains step-by-step concerning Platform Guide, Order Book, Hedge, Strategy and Glossary.

Daweda Exchange

Daweda Exchange Banking Information

As previously stated in this Daweda Exchange broker review, this is a regulated broker which has obtained a license number 289/16 from CySEC which means that they use the highest standers of security on their platform.

ICF or Investors Compensation Fund, with which Daweda Exchange is registered, which means that this broker keeps all traders’ funds in a segregated account and that, in turn, implies that they shall never use the funds on traders’ account without their knowledge.

Bearing in mind that this is a regulated broker, they also follow the KYC policy (Know Your Customer) hence traders are asked to submit several documents which serve as a protection against theft, money laundering and identity theft.

The necessary documents include: proof of address, copy of photo ID and copy of credit card and these documents must be obtained by Daweda Exchange in order for traders to be able to make a withdrawal. The required documents have to be sent to [email protected].

Payment methods available to traders include:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Maestro
  • E-wallet: Skrill, WebMoney

24 hours is the time needed to process the withdrawal request with several consequent days for the funds to be visible on the traders’ account.

In our Daweda Exchange broker review, we also found out that first monthly withdrawal is free with this broker with each next made in the same month will be charged with $25. Traders are free to withdraw as much as they want out of the funds which are available on their account, meaning that there is no fixed minimum amount set for withdrawals.

However, traders ought to keep in mind that they have to make withdrawals via the same payment method they used to make a deposit.

Daweda Exchange - Review Conclusion

  • CySEC regulated broker
  • Lower-than-average minimum deposit
  • Fewer trading options
  • New on the binary trading market
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