Daweda Exchange ATS Review 2016

  • Min. Deposit $350
  • Min. Invest $10
  • Return 100%

Daweda Exchange ATS is closed. Try trading with Binary Options Robot instead.

Daweda Exchange General Info

Binary broker Daweda Exchange burst onto the market in 2016, gathering interest from traders all around the world.

A brand name of Cypriot Companies Law, Daweda Exchange is a CySEC regulated broker with a license number 289/16.

During our Daweda Exchange broker review, we also took notice of another great trading opportunity they offer to their register traders – automated binary trading via their Daweda Exchange ATS software.

Since automated trading keeps becoming more popular and allows traders another interesting trading opportunity, we shall present traders with our Daweda Exchange ATS review with most interesting aspects of this software.

Daweda Exchange ATS

Daweda Exchange ATS

Daweda Exchange binary broker went one step further and now their registered traders have the opportunity to use their Daweda Exchange ATS software and venture into automated binary trading. This manner of trading binary options is especially beneficial for inexperienced binary options traders who are still finding their way around the trading process.

In our Daweda Exchange ATS review we found that this automated software is available to traders the moment they open the real live account with Daweda Exchange broker.

Daweda Exchange ATS is a trading software which functions in a way that it carries out trades on behalf of the trader thus making the whole process easier and less stressful for the trader.

Why Trade with Daweda Exchange ATS?

Our Daweda Exchange ATS went on to show global traders experience more trading control, as well as more flexibility when they opt to carry out binary options trading via this software.

Daweda Exchange ATS is a highly customised software which allows traders various adjustments in the preferences section. Once traders align setting to their liking the automated software will do the rest.

Since Daweda Exchange broker is regulated, traders experience that additional security which is important in the trading process since they are provided with a straightforward, transparent way of trading.

By utilising Daweda Exchange ATS automated software, traders worldwide may experience up to 100% returns if they select to trade contracts directly and omitting the broker entirely. If they select that mode of trading, $0.5 flat rate per contract is charged.

And while this automated robot is a fantastic trading opportunity for novice traders, those with more experience should not feel left out since this allows them fantastic opportunities too. If they choose to trade with Daweda Exchange ATS trading software the number of their traders can be multiplied since automated binary options trading allows for speed which simply isn’t achievable in manual trading.

Daweda Exchange ATS

Daweda Exchange ATS Trading Platform

As we went further in our Daweda Exchange ATS review, we also took notice of the well-organized and simple trading platform which will be easy to navigate. Especially considering it is entirely adjusted to trader’s needs regardless of their experience.

The upper part of the platform contains all the main tabs while expiry times are listed just underneath.

$10 is the total worth of each contract and the same amount is set for the minimum trade investment. Traders can find all their trades currently been carried out under Open Positions. Traders who wish to try trading with Daweda Exchange ATS will also have the opportunity to join their special ATS PRO account program. This will allow them to become a member of the Daweda Exchange.

As a part of the PRO account, traders will get advanced management tool based on a specialised algorithm which may help traders improve their trading skills. There is also a nice selection of trading materials available to traders, which can help a great deal in further understanding and improvement of the binary options trading process.

There are plenty to choose from since traders have a variety of tutorials and a detailed glossary for browsing.

Special features such as Hedge Button and Orderbook are also available, as is the handy FAQ section. If traders do encounter any difficulties or have any further questions they are free to contact customer support via [email protected] email.

Advanced Features on Daweda Exchange ATS Software

Daweda Exchange ATS software is free to use by traders worldwide as is the registration process. The process of registering is simple and can be done in just a few minutes. In order to further use the software, traders have to make a $350 deposit on their trading account.

Naturally, part of the attraction is also in advanced features available with this trading solution. In our Daweda Exchange ATS review, we also found that the trading platform they provide is the proprietary one so traders have a nice selection of binary contracts for trading and they can freely impose a trade limit per day.

After this part of the trading process is set, global traders can move on and select the underlying asset and as well as the strategy they wish to be used. That concludes the traders’ input and the software becomes activated. Traders are free to observe Daweda Exchange ATS doing binary options trading for them.

Lastly, our Daweda Exchange ATS review also discovered traders can use a very convenient mobile trading app which presents a perfect trading solution for busy traders. The app can be used with Apple and Android devices and is suitable to be used by both novice and professional traders.

Daweda Exchange ATS - Review Conclusion

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