Binary Options Robot Review 2016

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  • Return 91%

With the growing popularity of binary options trading, numerous auto trading software have been introduced on binary market. The essential features, working and requirements of each auto trading software is likely to differ.

Binary Options Robot is one of the popular auto-trading software for trading binary options.

Below in Binary Options Robot review, our readers can know more about features, requirements and functionality of this auto trading software.

What is Binary Options Robot?

Binary Options Robot is comprehensive auto-trading software which provides traders with some stunning binary options trading features to choose from. Traders, even the newbies can start making money out of this auto trading software even lacking any previous knowledge or experience.

Our Binary Options Robot review revealed how traders don’t even have to download a software for using its features. Binary Options Robot is a completely web based trading platform which is open for all the traders.

Traders can easily get themselves registered with the auto trading trading software free of cost, simply by submitting their required personal information. They can log on this dashboard, comprehensively follow the sign up instructions, configure the setting according to the trading needs, and then let the auto trading software simply trade on their behalf.

The whole trading platform is backed by special designed algorithms and best brokers for assuring profitable trades.

Binary Options Robot

Expected Results with Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot provides a wide range of meaningful features and trading signals to traders for making profitable trades.

The trading history has been kept public by this auto trading platform. Traders can easily access the trading signals and select one, a particular risk level and one platform for making profitable and highly accurate trades.

The best part about Binary Options Robot is that it has been providing the individuals with an instant access to some top online binary brokers like Banc De Binary and others.

In order to get started and getting binary signals, traders have to create an account and invest with one or with more brokers available on Binary Options Robot. Once traders have selected them, they can start receiving signals and make accurate trades, for fulfilling their trading needs.

Getting Started with Binary Options Robot – Step by Step Guide

Binary Options Robot facilitates an easy start up process which is backed by 3 simple steps.

Create a Free Account

Traders can easily create a free account simply by submitting their personal information like full name, the details of credit card, registered mobile number and so on.

For starting with the account, traders don’t have to download Binary Options Robot software. They can access their account simply by logging to their accounts.

Deposit Amount with any of Connected Brokers

There are different registered binary options brokers which can be selected by traders to trade binary options automatically. Binary Options Robot requires an initial investment of $250.

But the professional and serious traders can invest higher amounts and can also bid different investment amounts per trade.

However,initial deposit depends on the decision of particular binary broker.

Benefit from Binary Options Robot Features

Once traders have created an account, their standard account can easily be upgraded and changes to the VIP account. The VIP account will provide traders with some extra features and even accurate as well as better results, as discovered in Binary Options Robot review.

Binary Options Robot is definitely an advanced binary trading tool which can make profitable decisions on the behalf of the traders when they are online.

Binary Options Robot

Important Binary Options Robot Features

Following mentioned are the important and meaningful features offered by Binary Options Robot for facilitating binary options trading.

With Daily Stop Loss feature, traders can greatly benefit from binary auto trading process. Daily Stop Loss is an important one, according to which the Robot/software will not execute the trades when the account is on autopilot mode.

It will only execute the trades on autopilot mode when it reaches to a pre-set or fixed margin. This feature can be availed by the traders for avoiding the losses.

When Max. Daily Trades is activated, traders can save more money. This is excellent method, especially used by new traders who lack trading knowledge. When Max Daily Trades are on, number of trades are set lower thanks to safety reasons.

The trading amount feature will enable trader to select a particular amount of money, which Binary Options Robot will place for each trade when running on the autopilot feature. This feature will simply assures that the software will not independently make the investment without trading plan of a trader.

Also, rading room can be used for manual trading, in case traders don’t want to run the autopilot system. There are many professional traders who want to get indulge into manual trading. Such traders can utilize the trading room feature of Binary Options Robot.

The VIP Account— adjust risk level

Now the simple account can be upgraded into the VIP account. The VIP account will provide the traders with some additional features as mentioned above. One of the advanced features offered in VIP account is the risks level settings.

According to this feature the traders can set a fix parameter regarding the particular risk level they were ready or willing to pay. The risk level will range from level 1 to level 4.

Binary Options Robot Conclusion

After viewing all the essential features, requirements and functionality of the Binary Options Robot, it can be concluded that this automated trading platform is not a scam and genuinely provides effective results to registered traders.

A user friendly as well as meaningful features of Binary Options Robot make it a wise choice for both professional and inexperienced traders, as seen from our Binary Options Robot review.

Binary Options Robot - Review Conclusion

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